Meet Elizabeth Gilhuly

For more than a decade, licensed Naturopathic Doctors have served as my primary healthcare providers.  I've experienced, first hand, the effectiveness of professional clinical herbal medicine, and my goal is to help others wishing to follow the holistic healthcare path to safely incorporate it too.


I was trained in health coaching via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), family herbalism via Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing, and nutritional herbalism via The Living Centre.  I regularly pursue continuing education to elevate my knowledgebase.  I also serve as Volunteer President of the American Herbalists Guild Washington DC Metro Chapter. 

Services are offered by telephone or Skype.  We will work together for as many, or few, hours that you need to feel confident in the lifestyle changes you wish to make.  We support your self-directed goals or recommendations made by your holistic healthcare provider.  We review all that nourishes your life and mindset, including your relationships, career, physical activity, spiritual practice, foods and self-care.  

What am I doing for my own health?  Visit my Instagram!  

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